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A Truly Authentic Coffee Shop in Burlington VT

Coffee is major in Burlington VT, and at New Moon we strive to offer an authentic Burlington coffee shop experience. Our fresh roasted coffees change regularly, often daily. We post the coffees of the day in our café, and many are available bulk as well.

Here are some of the coffees you’re likely to encounter at New Moon: 

Espresso Blend
A traditional northern Italian blend, very full, velvety body, a subtle earthiness, a hint of chocolate.

Decaf Espresso
A blend of Colombia and Sumatra, roasted to a full city roast. Rich flavor, strong body. Swiss water processed.

Indian Monsoon Malabar
Medium body, low acidity, this coffee has a uniquely pungent, almost musty quality. There’s also a toasted nut flavor that really comes through with cream and sugar.

Brazil Yellow Bourbon
A full bodied coffee known for its intense, complex aroma. Bold and nutty, smooth flavor, low to balanced acidity.

Ethiopian Harrar-Blue Sun
For people who crave excitement. Distinctive wine and fruit quality. In the aftertaste, a sweet blueberry flavor. Light to medium body, pronounced but pleasing acidity.

Westport Blend
A blend of Costa Rica Tarrazu and Sumatra Mandheling. This coffee is sweet with an herbal aroma and delivers an earthy aftertaste.

Costa Rica
Mild, rich, and very aromatic. A medium bodied coffee with a slight acidity in the aftertaste.

Sumatra Mandheling
A combination of wet and dry process produces huge body, low acidity and an earthy chocolaty taste

House Blend
A full bodied coffee with slight acidity, tangy finish and a sweet aroma.

Peru Norte
A fair-trade coffee, sustainably grown. Very smooth with a hint of slightly sweet toasted nut. Light to medium body and only an inkling of acidity.

Panama Volcan Baru
Totally balanced, juicy acidity, slightly nutty, medium to full body and a sweet aftertaste.

Guatemala Huehuetenango
A fair-trade coffee, sustainably grown. Mildly acidic and clean with a medium to full body.

Kenya AA
a very exotic cup of coffee. Full bodied, with fruit like flavors of berries or a rich red wine.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
The aroma in this coffee is like sweet berries, perfume and spices. The flavor tends to be mild, elegant and well balanced.

Decaf House Blend
Rich flavor, strong body. You’ll hardly miss the missing caffeine.

teas at new moon

black teas

English Breakfast
Traditional China black tea

Earl Grey Supreme 
A mix of premium teas including Ceylon vintage silver tips

Fruity black tea with a hint of lemony bergamot and vanilla

Hot Cinnamon Spice 
Black tea with three types of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves 
(no sugar added)

green teas

Organic Citron Green
A delightful green tea with the aroma  of fresh oranges

Gunpowder Green
Personable green tea with a slight smoky flavor

herbal teas

Chamomile (Egyptian) 
A tisane with definite body, and a naturally sweet taste

Great smelling and crisp tasting tisane

Rooibos Chai 
Earthy and sweetly spicy with herbal rooibos, cinnamon and cardamom

iced teas

Pekoe Supreme
Hand-picked full-leaf Chinese black tea, smooth tasting with rich body and bright clear color

Raspberry Herbal
A unique caffeine-free creation rich in hibiscus and red raspberry notes.

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