welcome to the world of CUPCAKE KISSES™

Cupcakes in Burlington VT

Who makes the best healthiest cupcakes in Burlington VT? Frankly, the candy colors of most cupcakes you see around town tell a sad tale of chemical dyes and unnatural ingredients. 

Our cupcakes have no articficial food colorings and no preservatives. Their colors come from nature. Every cupcake is baked in our own kitchen, upstairs from our coffee shop here in Burlington VT.

We call them Cupcake Kisses™ because they're petite, loveable and taste so good.  And their modest size is an advantage to a real cupcake lover. You can enjoy two or three different flavors in a single snack. Or you can indulge in a tiny fling of just one. Our flavors vary with the seasons, and always include vegan and gluten-free selections.

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